Color Play And Fashion Tweaks Take Over Bridal Fashion Trends in 2016-Expert Views From Mrunalini Rao!

Color Play And Fashion Tweaks Take Over Bridal Fashion Trends in 2016-Expert Views From Mrunalini Rao!

It is important for a bride to start off on her Wedding outfit hunt, quite well ahead in time. If you need an Expert View, you're in for some interesting news on that! We were lucky to get in touch with Mrunalini Rao, one of the best designers from Hyderabad, who mentioned, a well ahead of 3 months time would be good. You don't want to miss out of the rest of the Bridal-Fashion trending in 2016. So go ahead and read!

While Zardosi and Cut-Works never run out of trend, we do a variant set of designs for our clients. It's not about the trends for us, we adopt the trends and add a little bit of a fashion twist to it and that's what we are keen on with our designs. We do geometric cut-work, scalping, screen prints etc. But one thing is that Brides love our heavy Lehengas and light blouse style these days. Brides go in for off-whites and yellows which I more fun than the usual red or maroon shades.12195781_922838887796277_6017133360989135399_n 12188981_922086771204822_1100714079279914513_n

Chenderi and Netted fabrics were quite trending so far, but now the gear has been shifted to handlooms, matkha silk and raw-silk!

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I do not believe in Brides having to select fabric and color of their outfit, based on body type and skin-tone. It's all about the color-play, silhouette, off beat and rare colors. Basically it's just being a bit color and style sensitive.

A Bride should be able to manage a good 3 months time of hunting for the Wedding Attire, designing and then a trial-fitting. It would be even better if she can manage a 5 months well ahead time. The brides should also understand that it is not exactly good to be clueless about what kind of attire they are going for, but also that the opinion of the designer matters. It's good to have a picture in mind of what they want, but they need to be receptive and accommodative to experiment and try on new things. At the end of the day as a Designer, our job is to make you look best and we love it when you can trust us with a little bit of a space to do our work too. Try to be open to new styles and experiment with colors this season!