Cycle Into Your Happily Ever After

Cycle Into Your Happily Ever After

We've found something for all the quirky couples out there. Nothing screams carefree and fun like decorated cycles! Now you don't have to stick to just cycles here, get a rickshaw so it's comfortable for your guests to sit and click group photos using it as a prop. Or you are a rock star couple then get a motorbike and give it a crazy desi-twist. You could use flowers, which is the most common form of decoration because it can be customized into any shape and budget. But you could also venture out of your comfort zone and use drapes to cover the seats of the rickshaw creating a romantic set-up. If you and your spouse love all things old, then drop the colors and go for something absolutely vintage, complete with brown leather seats and all. Just make sure that whatever you chose reflects your personality as a couple.

3D Design & Decor by Dinaz (400) Picture Source : 3D Decors

13902078_10210305472021266_560316959_o Picture Source : Pinterest

RAKS Entertainment Decor (49) Picture Source : RAKS Entertainment Decor

13874763_10210304932527779_1629182774_n Picture Source : Rajesh Digital

 Picture Source : Rohan Mishra Photography

Bling Mushrooms Decor (49) Picture Source : Bling Mushrooms Decor

Eventina Decors (49) Picture Source : Eventina Decors

Meghaa Flower Box Decor (21) Picture Source : Meghaa Flower Box Decor

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Avant Media & Events Decor (223)                       Picture Source : Avant Media & Events Decor

13871816_10210305472501278_1994002218_n                               Picture Source : Wedding Twinkles

RAKS Entertainment Decor (10)                                            Picture Source : RAKS Entertainment Decor

                                             13900531_10210304932487778_1791800652_n                                                      Picture Source : Rajesh Digital

05a48b5678ba5bb385ae7c349a4280e7                                                                                  Picture Source : Pinterest

30386643bb8ce03e733e0ab3689fc716                                                                                  Picture Source : Pinterest

13819644_10210304932727784_933227864_n                                                                                Picture Source : Pinterest

13867045_10210305854630831_1187755178_n                                                                                  Picture Source : Vivek Krishna

13883798_10210305854590830_1812417500_n                                                                                    Picture Source : Stories

ffd6d6ad701b20ba6bf4abd14d1b60cd                                                                                                    Picture Source : Pinterest