Different Ways to Drape A Saree

Different Ways to Drape A Saree

Being a newly wed bride in India, you are required to wear sarees on various occasions. But it is only natural that you will get bored with the repetitiveness after a while. There are different ways you can turn a saree interesting, it doesn't need to be the generic Bengali, Maharashtrian, Rajrani or Lehenga drape saree. We bring five styles of draping a saree which will make you stand out.

1. Butterfly style: This is basically the Bollywood style of wearing a saree. It's almost the same as a Nivi saree style (the saree style from Andhra Pradesh), except it exposes your waist. This saree style will focus on your curves and accentuate your figure. The trick is to simply make the pallu thin and narrower as it reaches your shoulder.


2. Mermaid Style Mermaid style of drape is like the butterfly style, slim at the bottom. The only different part is that your pallu is similar to Nivi saree, nicely pleated and broad on your shoulder, covering your waist and blouse.


3. Mumtaz Style Now this is a classic, it looks good at any type of a function, whether it's a reception or a clubbing event. This retro look will make you stand out and reflects elegance. It may not seem very comfortable at first but that's just a price you pay for beauty.


4. The Professional drape This kind of drape is usually used in fashion shows and modelling events where the saree is to be showcased. The lower half of the saree is wound tightly around your legs and snugly flatters your hips and calves. The pallu is left open and falls gracefully from your left shoulder, flimsy fabrics work best for this draping style.


5. Indo western You can try an indo western style only if you are willing to experiment a little. Wear leggings beforehand because this type of saree will cover only one side of your legs, wrap it around your hips so it falls in a deep U on your opposite side and you clamp it over your shoulder. Wear a t-shirt style sequined blouse to add to the outfit.