DIY Buffet Table Decor Ideas!

DIY Buffet Table Decor Ideas!

Weddings are usually a huge affair with days of celebration to strengthen bonding with friends, relatives and family. For some, it could be a totally private affair with just the closest family included. So whether it is a private occasion or a hen party, bridal shower,sangeetor mehendi  you need to give everything meticulous regard. And even though a smaller scale celebration demands less in terms of effort and moolah, you still need to give decor a pernickety attention. But it doesn't have to be heavy on your pockets. With a few do-it-yourself ideas and tips and tricks, you can have your buffet tables looking like a pro waved their magic hands.

For starters, flowers are easy to work with and decorate. Besides they add freshness and colour to the occasion. If your table and chair linen is going to be light colours, add a dash of vibrancy with roses of red, pink and orange.


You could even have a particular colour as theme for your decor.

go red go white

In case if you are thinking of a hen party or a cosy ladies get-together, what better colour than pink to give a feminine touch to the occasion. Pop in some pink flowers and butterfly cut-outs to match the table cloth. A splash of lavender, greens, whites and yellows will impart elegance to the theme.

pink pink2

Since we are already discussing hen's party, why not add some bling?

add bling

Or show your wild side by blending pink, white, stripes and all things ultra-feminine..

bachelorette garden party

You can even personalize the decor by displaying you and your spouse's name. Want to jazz it up a little bit? Go colourful with balloons! The kids are gonna love it. Adding a vase topped with marshmallows and a chocolate fountain on the table will ensure that adults get their hands dirty as well.


If you are thinking of giving kids their own space for fun, why not ensure the decorations are kid-themed too?

Kids themed

But just in case, you like to keep it all sophisticated and glamorous, fret not! We have a few tricks up our sleeves for you too... Add Christmas lights and candles to vamp up the appearance.

Photography by Christina Craft

jazz it up with candles

A bohemian look done tastefully looks chic as well! Or go vintage with chandeliers, candelabras and candle sticks.


the bohemian look

Thinking of pool side party? Get the chairs in the water!

pool side

Are the people in your guest list health conscious? Go natural!

go natural

Most of the decor just needs a bit of planning before-hand, a dash of creativity, colour and having a good understanding of your guests tastes. Not only would you save some serious bobs, you will go to bed with a satisfaction of having created a totally awesome day that your guests won't easily forget... And so won't you!