Five Easy Tricks To A Healthier Skin

Five Easy Tricks To A Healthier Skin

Every bride needs to start pampering her skin beforehand, and so we bring you five easy tricks to a healthier skin.

Cleanse Regularly Your skin is exposed to way too much pollution and dirt. You need to make sure that your pores don't get clogged. It is highly recommended to wash your face with a cleanser at least once a day, depending on how many times you go out. Exfoliate once a week, too much of that could damage your skin.


Moisturise Moisturising is highly underrated, end your face wash with a moisturiser before you step out of your house. Make sure your day moisturiser has sunscreen in it, moisturisers are also a great base before you start putting on your make-up. Moisturise

Don't Dry Out Your Skin If possible, pat your skin with a soft towel instead of being too rough with it. After a face wash, leave your skin slightly wet and hydrated. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference this makes. marquise-de-laborde

Drink Green Tea Green tea is not just good for health but is also great for your skin. Its antioxidant properties make your skin appear brighter from within and also protects you from skin cancer.


Steam Steaming your entire body is highly beneficial, but even if you just stick to your face, it could do you wonders. It helps the blood circulation in your face, removes tan, opens up your pores and helps get rid of dead cells, making way for young, healthier skin. However, if your skin suffers from regular acne, you should talk to a dermatologist before steaming.