From Mughal To Modern! - Kundan Jewellery

From Mughal To Modern! - Kundan Jewellery

Times have changed since all our mothers got married. Now, young brides all over want to experiment with all sorts of fashion and trends. With that in mind, we bring to you a rising trend, kundan jewellery.

The south Indian brides over the past decade seem to have the liking for the Mughal period Kudankari work. The art of making kundan jewellery is known as kundankari. Kudankari became popular during the Mughal period. This traditional jewellery during that period has become a more of fashion jewellery now-a-days.

Traditional kundan jewellery is made of 24 carat gold and has gemstones encrusted on one side and colourful and intricate meenakari (fusion of brilliant colours and intricate designs) on the reverse. Kundan jewellery with its beautiful stones etched gives the bearer an immense level of beauty. This has always been a part of the North Indian weddings and now in the south too.

Difference between Kundan and Polki

The main difference between kundan and polki is the classification. This difference also was only in the past and now both kundan and polki are always almost the same.

Imitation Kundan Jewellery - A way to help a man's pocket

With the price of gold going through the roof, not many can afford to buy traditional kundan jewellery. This led to the imitation of kundan jewellery.Imitation kundan jewellery has the same beautiful and intricate designs of the real one leaving out the gold, making it little easy on the pockets. 1