Make Way, Make Way, Make Way People, Mr.Rio Is Here!

So diaries are personal! They contain all our feelings and secrets! They know how we feel about what, who and why. Being humans, we are inquisitive by nature, and when we came across these entries by a certain Mr. Rio, we could not help but sneak a peek! *wink wink* Photo Credits : SeventybyTwo - Wedding Stories Dear Diary, So here I am, on my fluffy cushion, passing my time, acting like I am looking at all things random, but secretly looking out for her. She has to be back soon. God I miss the petting and the constant attention. She said she has some news for me, I wonder what it is; I hope she is not planning on suggesting a bath! I am clean enough, thank you very much! *nap time!* PuppyLove (20)-min PuppyLove (21)PuppyLove (19)-min PuppyLove (22)

Dear Diary,

Soooo, she's got another guy in her life. I knew it. I have sharp instincts, and a sharper sense of smell. I could sniff the betrayal on her. She says I am cuter, let's see! I am meeting him; he's in for a fight! *haiyaa* PuppyLove (4)-min PuppyLove (9)-min PuppyLove (17)-min PuppyLove (18)-min

Dear Diary,

Alright. He's okay. Not bad. I can make peace with him. Especially, since we are heading out tomorrow! Haven't had a trip in a while, I am so excited! It'll be just us, and a few guys with some Cameras and stuff. We'll dress up nice and casual. I'll obviously pack my coolers. Eat some cake and take a bunch of pictures, cause I am super cute and all. Can't help it, being a star, I do have responsibilities. *checking out my swag on the mirror* PuppyLove (12)-min PuppyLove (13)-min PuppyLove (11)-min PuppyLove (14)-min PuppyLove (15)-min PuppyLove (16)-min Dear Diary,

Oh my God! It was the best experience of my life! Just thinking about it gives me the tail wags! The pictures are here and they are just rad! She's obviously besotted with me, and I am looking Awesome (also, the treats helped! *wink wink*)! They look good together, she has that smile on her face, which she always has for me, the one that looks a lot like love, but so does he. He's clearly in love with her. So I'm cool. She's my girl, and from now on, he's my bro! *Pawing the phone to share the Pictures on Dogstagram* PuppyLove (7)-min PuppyLove (6)-min PuppyLove (5)-min PuppyLove (8)-min PuppyLove (1)-min PuppyLove (12)-min