On The Shores Of Goa — The Wedding Story Of Adithi And Varun

On The Shores Of Goa — The Wedding Story Of Adithi And Varun

Weddings are an affair celebrated with limitless happiness, so let's not let the roof contain it and move it outdoors. Such as this cute fairy-tale-like wedding that has got our eyes bugging out of its socket. Think heart eye emoji replacing real faces.

Adithi starts off her Mehendi function sitting on the patio, with a crown of flowers on her head, and a wide smile on her lips, surrounded by giggling girlfriends, in a rustic and elegant outdoor setting.Adithi_Varun_3 Adithi_Varun_26Adithi_Varun_193Adithi_Varun_235

This fun portrait of the bride and her friends in various martial arts pose blends well with the theme they have chosen. It should keep one at the edge of his seat, one would hope!          Adithi_Varun_251

And the colourful marquee that evokes our inner-child to spin and twirl under it.Adithi_Varun_252                       Guests singing and dancing in the honour of the bride and groom, the fairy lights draped on trees and poles, the smiles and grins on the couple's faces, this outdoor festive is tugging on all the right strings in our hearts.Adithi_Varun_273Adithi_Varun_287 Adithi_Varun_323 Adithi_Varun_362

We are wishing for eyes at the back of our heads, as there's so much to ogle at. Like the curtain made of origami birds. And the signs on the bamboo sticks.Adithi_Varun_522 Adithi_Varun_533 Adithi_Varun_513Adithi_Varun_259 Adithi_Varun_257

The MUST HAVE bride and the girlfriends Pic. All the bridesmaids draped in simple yet elegant sarees in colours of the sea, much like the coast of Goa.Adithi_Varun_626 Adithi_Varun_577                        Varun, the groom, is in the middle of an entertaining story. Cue laughter.Adithi_Varun_632                           And here comes the bride- like a boss.Adithi_Varun_646Adithi_Varun_656

The bride and her infectious smile, the groom and his anecdotes, the family and their merriment! This laughter-filled affair is giving us wedding goals:Adithi_Varun_734Adithi_Varun_745Adithi_Varun_772Adithi_Varun_861Adithi_Varun_921Adithi_Varun_925Adithi_Varun_874

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Photo credits: Varun Suresh