The Master Craftsman At Work - The Making Of Queens Jewels

The Master Craftsman At Work - The Making Of Queens Jewels

We love shopping! If it's for Jewellery, it's even better! We go to a shop, we select a design, we try it on, and if we like it, we buy it. But how often do we get to know what happens behind the scenes? How each piece is designed, and if it comes out as it has been designed? Well, now we have a chance, thanks to the folks at Queens Jewel Emporium! Let's have a look at these designs, first on paper and then the real deal. It's amazing to see so much creativity and effort that has gone behind each piece, and to know that these are only a select few pieces.

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Chavadi or Chandra Haaram Chavadi usually means five layers of chains. Same goes for a Chandra Haaram as well. The big embellishment on paper gets life in reality as it pops out from the green chains! A beautiful statement piece.

 Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.53.57 AM

The Oversized pendant On paper, we can see an intricate patter with a flower like design in the centre. Once it's made, we can see that it's actually a goddess, and a beautifully done Goddess at that. But the moment it's worn by someone, the sheer size of it wows us! A must have!


The traditional Thalaisaamaan This piece of Jewellery is a personal favourite! The design is for both the Thalaisaamaan and the Chandrasuryans, but the bride is seen wearing only the former. It's so beautiful and feminine. We love it!


The Multi-tier Nethi Chutti - 1 This is Nawabi, but is a favourite for brides from all over the country! It is extremely feminine and the sketch is spot on!

4b IMG_2334

The Jhumka Extravaganza Who doesn't love a Jhumka/Jimiki? It's evergreen and will never go out of fashion. It's the ultimate choice for any traditional outfit and this piece is opulent! The designer had a very clear vision, the sketch has been beautifully done and the result is amazing. This set is a one man army set! Don this and you're good to go! 

The Multi-tier Nethi Chutti - 2 : This one is more traditional when compared to its counterpart, mainly because of the usage of the classic red and green. The pendent itself is very different and the look is utterly feminine! 6b

The Jadai : This is a mix of hair accessories connected by chains. The accessories are not the same either. Alternately they are full (pathakam) and semi-circular in shape. This is a look a lot of brides are going for, and the designers at Queens have done an amazing job! 7a 7b

The Contemporary Neckpiece : We can see the beautifully intricate Ruby Beads nesting in their silver flowers. This is a very trendy contemporary piece and something that a lot of brides choose when it comes to the various pre and post wedding functions.8a8b