Top 5 Reception Outfit Ideas for Groom!

Top 5 Reception Outfit Ideas for Groom!

It's the bride's first social gathering after her special day. But, we know our groom needs his spotlight too. So today, we've picked for you the top five reception outfits that are sure to catch our groom the attention he deserves. You can pick between traditional and Indo western to western outfits, since a reception isn't an all-out traditional affair.

1. The Evergreen Sherwani If you want to stick to the traditional theme of your wedding then a sherwani is your best bet. It is one outfit that can be customised to the maximum. From choices in embroidery to fabrics, your sherwani could even complement your bride's sari or lehenga. You could pick the same embroidery and customise your couple outfits but don't go overboard and keep the matching theme to a minimum.


2. The James Bond Tuxedo It is comfortable, stylish and can never go wrong. A tuxedo takes the minimal yet classy approach. The only thing to keep in mind while picking a tuxedo is the fitting, an inch tight or lose could ruin the entire outfit. If you are not comfortable with a Tuxedo, you suit up with a tie! Also, make sure your bride is dressed in a western outfit too or the couple could look mismatched. She could wear a gown or a gown based salwar that is in fashion at the moment.



3. The Royal Jodhpuri Suit A jodhpuri suit defines royalty at its best, take Manish Malhotra's latest collection for instance, which showcased Jodhpuri's in various colours and styles. You have many choices to pick from, the classic black, a beige, red or green even. Pair them with lean pants, chudidar, dhoti or the evergreen jodhpuri to add a twist to the traditional ensemble.



4. The Indo Western Jacket For the men who get tired of dressing up and want to get back to being themselves as soon as the wedding ends, we have the 'Jackets'. Don't mistake them to be your everyday jackets because after all, it is your reception! However, if you're bold enough to carry a printed gold and black jacket or a sequined blazer, then pair then with black denims and you're off the hook. You can experiment with Indian prints and create an indo-western outfit.



5. The Easy-going Waist coat Similar to blazers and jackets, this is the ultimate comfort outfit. If your reception is all about music, drinking and dancing with your friends then this is the safest outfit for you. Your bride could wear a bedazzled evening gown and you could accompany her in a well-fitted waistcoat. You could pair your velvet red waistcoat with a black shirt and black pants.