Uniqueness! - Thy Name Is Masala Popsicles!

Uniqueness! - Thy Name Is Masala Popsicles!

Goodies and Trousseaus are not just bought here, but made with a uniqueness that only represents her work and love for art. Masala Popsicles by Sandhya will definitely add color and creativity to your life.

1. What's the inspiration behind Masala Popsicles?

 The inspiration behind, firstly the name, Masala Popsicles was the colorful cycle stand of the Golawalas. They have syrups that are of different colors and look very beautiful. My art is full of colors, I love using a riot of colors in everything I make. Secondly, the inspiration for the artwork comes from the fact, that when I started this, there were very few places where one could get genuinely handcrafted and handmade products. One would either have to log into an international website or pay a Bomb(literally!) to get something custom made.

 At Masala Popsicles, I make only Customized products. So when people ask me if I have a physical store, I tell them I don't. Whatever is made is shipped out immediately. The beautiful thing about this is that, there are no two products of the same type. I don't repeat my own designs.



2. What sort of gift do you work on?

I make a lot of Name boards that are ordered as wedding gifts, to be presented to a newly married couple. And then, there are memoir boxes, portraits, caricatures.

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I've started making clay figurines now. Recently I made a clay figurine of a North-Indian bride and Groom, that's being used in a Pre-wedding shoot. I also take orders for Home decor, like trays, coasters, bottle lamps, Kettles, etc.


3. Is there a team working? If not, how do you manage the orders?

There is no team. It's just me; I do all the artwork, take care of the orders, scheduling each one carefully so that I have enough time to work on individual orders. Since I'm doing it all alone, I take only 5-6 orders a month.

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4. How does the order placing work?

To place an order, one should either write on my FB page or write to me on masalapopsicles@gmail.com and then I take it from there. They will be sent an Invoice with their order details and my Bank Account details. Once the full payment has been made, work will be started and the product will be couriered to them.


5. Words for art lovers who are looking for ways to put it to work?

My sister also runs a business, the only thing I tell her is, it is okay regarding quality when you're just doing it as a hobby. But charging someone money for the art you're doing, the quality that you send out should be no less than perfect.


Trays                                                                               12733370_1370719769620962_657961208261939221_n12705785_1370719779620961_6035569802481336692_n

Roasters with a stand


Tissue Boxes