15 Ways To Decorate Your Oonjal

15 Ways To Decorate Your Oonjal

Oonjal functions are probably one of the most ancient traditions followed, with the most touching value attached to it. And like most things, this has been updated with a modern twist! Gone are the days with a simple 'Oonjal' or Swing as it is known as to most. The swings these days get a lot of attention thanks to the amazing decoration that is done on them!

Let's have a look at these Oonjal decor ideas, and if you are getting married anytime soon, it's time to get inspired! 

1. The Swing became a cocoon, filled with love and surrounded by flowers! The lavender hue adds to the total effect, and the flower umbrellas are mighty cute!


2. What more could you do to show your love for flowers than a setting with flowers, and more flowers in the background! The simple Oonjal has been the perfect choice for such a setting.




This is a perfect choice for weddings that have a colour theme. This bride has matched her Orange Lehenga with the flowers and the Purple with the backdrop and the lighting. Very chic!    


4. Oh, this is downright beautiful! The flowers and leaves match her Lehenga, it matches the green grass, the trees and the setting and everything! Simple yet elegant.

Inder + Simi, Engagement Party, 2014

utiful! The flowers and leaves match her Lehenga, it matches the green grass, the trees and the setting and everything! Simple yet elegant.  




5.The outdoor function at night warrants a simple yet elegant decor. The lines of flowers are falling off the other branches on the tree as well, making it look like a part of the tree itself!                                                                                                                                                 

6. As the sun sets, this Jhula comes to life, the colour of the flowers match that of the sun set, the green leaves, the surrounding, making this Oonjal, one with nature.  


7. The rustic surroundings could not have been complimented well than by this beautiful 'Jhula'. The patterned pieces of cloth give a royal look and that flower choice and arrangement could not have been better!


8. A simple design for an indoor wedding! The way the flowers are twirled around the Oonjal give it a classy old school look!


 9. Let her swing under the rainbows. That's what done here. The flowers give it a festive touch, but the Daddy's lil girl feeling is stamped all over it!


10. This is the stuff of fairies and elves. The Jhula looks like an extension of all the flowers. An Oonjal from the flower Goddess! Lovely!


11. Opulence. That's what this Jhula is all about! The beautiful way the two bright colours, the mango yellow and shocking pink co-exist in harmony is amazing! The huge dome of flowers and the small ones just add to the effect.


12. A classic combination of the three colours that is associated with an Oonjal, but that Indigo cushion like a serious tweak to the normalcy. We love that part!


13. Stately Elegance. The sophistication is all over this Oonjal. Best for a small gathering of family and close friends


14. A burst of colour works like magic! That is the case here, where the background is kept simple, an off-white setting for that bold mix of Orange, Purple and Pink!                                                                                                                     2                                                                                                                       

15. They don't say 'Simplicity is the best' for no reason! This setting warranted a no hassle swing, and that has done the trick!