Ever Dreamt Of Becoming A Lilliputian?? This Couple Did It For A Pre Wedding Shoot!!!

Most us would have imagined how it would have been if we were in Lilliput !! The imaginary nation mentioned in Gulliver's Travel had created an exciting impact on us. And here a couple turned into Lilliputians for their pre-wedding photo shoot!!! Rajesh Digital, Professional Services does a miniature pre wedding shoot. As we spoke to the second generation owner  Mr. Mohit Bhatia, told us that he had picked up this idea from an exhibition in China and had learnt how to create a miniature photo shoot. Eventually when you take look at these pictures one would get a feeling of real Liliputians being photographed .The pictures really makes us wonder about the kind of work the team has done. We definitely have to bid a big kudos to the team as the photo shoot is the first of its kind in India!!

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