Traditional Outfit Ideas For Women To Ace Up Their Couple Shoots

Traditional Outfit Ideas For Women To Ace Up Their Couple Shoots

Sarees. The six yards of magnificence that never fails to amuse us Indians. Although if the sarees are going to be super classy and extra-zesty, we would just lose our minds over it big time. Royal lehengas with brilliant works and embellishments. The joy the very sentence gives is just beyond belief. With sarees and lehengas trying to steal the show and seal the days, here are few extra beautiful Shozpters’ brides who chose to flaunt their curves in such elegance with the sarees and lehengas that are about to blow your minds AWAY. Let’s not forget to grab pointers from these women who effortlessly posed for the camera and who have carved a niche for themselves.

SILK SAREES TO THE RESCUE – Silk sarees and the elegance they offer are just beyond comparison. Women who still crush over these pure silks sarees that reminds us of how much they love our tradition and culture.

 Pic Courtesy - 84mm

 Pic Courtesy - Mystic studios 

CONTRAST TWO SHADED SAREES – Sarees that hold a single shade all over the upper line and gradually tone down to a different shade on the other end have become everyone’s favourite now.

 Pic Courtesy - Studio A 

HALF-SAREES – Half sarees have become a tad bit out of line but have never stayed off trend. Half sarees with brilliant colour combos are an added bonus.

 Pic Courtesy - Studio A

BESPOKEN LEHENGAS – Lehengas have become the order of the day. Choosing these lehengas might be a tedious hunt but once done with the right colour tone, design and fabric, you are sure to flaunt them in massive style.

 Pic Courtesy - Rakesh Prakash

 Pic Courtesy - Jeevan Photography 

 Pic Courtesy - Studio A 

 Pic Courtesy - Zero gravity 

 Pic Courtesy - creative wedding photography 

 Pic Courtesy - The memory writers