A regal maternity photoshoot that sends a strong message to all the women!

A regal maternity photoshoot that sends a strong message to all the women!

Anupama Kumar Vijayanand is a pregnancy educator and influencer who is carrying her second child. Along with her husband and adorable son, Ahan she decided to do a maternity shoot that not only serves as a token of her pregnancy but also conveys a much need message to all the women out there.

Woman always undermine themselves feeling weak and helpless, especially during pregnancy, when everything is ruled by the hormones in our body. Anupama decided to change this and portray herself as a warrior queen ; A fearless queen, who is enabled, empowered and is ready to face her delivery with head held high! Her maternity pictures are refreshingly traditional encouraging us all get in touch with our roots.

The photos  were clicked by PR studios, in their home, fully using props and things they owed. The makeup and styling was executed by Anupama herself. She made sure not to involve anyone but the photographer, Prithvi, who has made the series a visual treat.


She is all set to look glorious in those beautiful nagas jewellery and traditional kanjeevaram to break stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding pregnant women.


Traditional clothes have a way of making you look royal and dignified effortlessly. Here is Anupama proving the point clad in a traditional kanjeevaram and native jewellery.


Doesn’t she look  bold and beautiful adorned in her mother’s wedding kanjeevaram? Mother’s saree has a way of making you feel safe, especially during these vulnerable and uncertain pandemic times.


Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you! With your family there to support and empower you, all you need is to step out and conquer the world.


Our modern day queen is all set to march and face her fears and uncertainty regarding her pregnancy. Doesn’t she look majestic ? 

He’s always got her back. All daddies to be, take a note,  with a little bit of support and love, the mom  to be has nothing to dread.

A little bit of pampering and love goes a long way, especially during the vulnerable phase of pregnancy.

The little prince looks all set to oblige mom’s wishes. It  looks like Ahan is  ready to protect and care for his little sibling.

We at Shopzters feel proud to share such empowering message through this maternity photoshoot. Our best wishes to this adorable family and we wish a safe  and hassle free delivery to Anupama!!