BRIDES Steal The Show! Always!!!

A beautiful wedding with the best of both photography and outfits! More from Vipin Photography and Anya on their recent bride and groom Swathi and Mithun. Vipin Photography Big fat traditional wedding is the new trend these days and we from vipin photography are prone to it! Bringing to you one of the big fat wedding we did recently! Mithun and Swathi were definitely 'full of love' couple! While Swathi nailed the wedding with her beautifull looks and charming smile, our groom Mithun definitely took away equal attention!! We did their post wedding in Udaipur and it was definitely event to remember!!  Anya Each wedding is unique. But one thing is the same! adorned in their Kanjeevaram sarees with hair beautifully done and faces aglow, BRIDES steal the show. We are happy that we had the pleasure to immortalize our bride Swathi's special day with our designs. She looks absolutely ravishing and flawless !!!921143_974626439258413_641560941794441054_o 12525647_974626562591734_8863722861288555481_o 12472833_974627322591658_1216460665536079596_n 12377801_974626589258398_1342414858567757716_o 12523869_974627549258302_8487327441339833620_n (1) 12240143_974627942591596_3046895097731060843_n 12074717_974628132591577_6427254758751861553_n 12049646_974627862591604_4990589940291196413_n 10556315_974628059258251_6252749882334068867_n 10405403_974628202591570_8950588011463806458_n 10399462_974627479258309_2295708840055050350_n 943824_974627385924985_8535094321196607899_n 10334474_974628105924913_4056774537730605705_n 1536484_974626429258414_7060929214353011053_n