"My Mommy Is The Best" - Real Brides About Their Moms

We happened to speak to a few brides on Mother's Day and asked them about the role played by their moms during their wedding. They instantaneously brightened up and quipped "My mom is the best!" .... Well, here's a compilation of what they said. Sri Lakshmi The day my wedding date was decided, my super mom made sure that I apply for a 3 months break from work and spend time with her and trust me, those were the best days of my life. She planned every bit of my wedding, walked with me in and out and stood beside me supporting all my tantrums. This might sound a little cliched but all you awesome brides-to-be out there, make sure you spend some quality time with her already :). "Keep calm and trust your mom" 13147932_10207689605493077_2145905772_o Mangai Muthu: Wedding: every girls fantasy! Every dad's pride! Every mom's dream! And it becomes more special when it is their only angel!! Weddings might look simple and some may look grand but for both, hard work and planning are on a huge scale. My mom was my biggest moral support for my wedding! Being the only child, their dedication for the wedding was more than 100% i would say... Unique is what my mom wanted and being my best friend she knew my way, my taste and my thoughts. She always thinks about me and my little little happinesses and finds her satisfaction and pleasure in that...Her enthusiasm is what made my wedding happen in a grand manner, booking an entire hotel probably the only wedding in nattukottai chettiar community that took place in a hotel!! From the wedding venue to the entire wedding planning, it was my mom who had been a moral support for me as well as my dad...The wedding was a grand event and all the credit goes to my mom who was the pillar who took care of even the small nuances... Amma, I could not have found a perfect occasion than a mothers day to thank u in making my dream come true, the way I dreamt. You are truly my best friend and my guide!! Love u amma !


Aarthi Siddarth So I was busy practicing for Chidambaram natyanjali. My wedding got fixed on Valentine's day (14.2.13) and I was getting married to the love of my life(we had been dating from the time I turned sweet 16!!) I was so scared of how I was going to manage all my wedding work with my kutcheri. I used to dance for an hour. My dance classes were at BVB and my dance therapy was with special children. So I turned out to be the "bridezilla". Then my mom came to my rescue (as always). Right from selecting my saree and running to the tailor with my blouse and doing all the small small work ( which consumed most of my time), everything was taken care of by her! She was my genie( my wish, her command) lol. My mom, my best friend!!


Milly Shah My bestfriend, the person I share anything and everything with , the person who wishes only the best things in life for me ... My mum ... She always dreamed of me getting married to a person who will love me more than anyone can . And when the preparations for the big day was going on, she made sure she enjoyed the few months left with me , made the most of them while shopping the best things in world for me. Every thing i wanted to do, i wanted for my wedding was taken care of. And when the big day arrived she was the most happiest for me as well as the saddest as this would mean that her daughter will be taken away from her . Lucky to have u ... Thank you mom for everything .


Dakshayini Deciding to get married is the easy part. Planning the wedding and making it happen-- well, that's the overwhelming part. With my mom by my side, things went far beautifully than planned. She found my Prince Charming: I met my guy only on my engagement day!! That's weird I know, but after getting to know him I felt there wouldn't be a better choice thank my mom's!! My Reception dress: I took around a week to choose my dress wandering in and out of many shops, but then she came and picked a golden gown and gave me and asked me to try.. I was like, what? This one?? You sure?? And then she said, Go. And yeah! she was right I found my dress that made my day more special!! And and many more!! It's just my mom and she just nailed it all through my wedding and made it a fairytale, Not just my wedding but all my life!! And yeah! hiding her pain for my smiles!! Love you ma!


Shahnaz Nafil My mom has been my everything, she has brought me up as an independent, brave and confident lady and my mom never settled for anything less. Shopping for wedding for two girls isn't easy. Her attention to finer details has let us have a perfect wedding. I only hope I have the same keenness when I bring up my kids.