They All Come With A Price Tag - Presenting World’s Most Expensive Sarees!

A saree is more than just six meters of cloth that Indians cleverly found creative ways to drape on. We'll tell you why. Our very own Chennai Silks managed to weave out the World's Most Expensive Saree which also made it to the Guinness World Record! Genius or what? Traditions and Art are priceless but creative ways of putting man-hours and craftsmanship to it, does make it the most expensive range of art. Here are some amazing details on the saree. The following is as reported on Guinness World Records: The most expensive silk saree was sold for Rs. 3,931,627 ($100,021; 50,679) on 5 January 2008. It was made by Chennai Silks, India and features reproductions of 11 paintings by the celebrated Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma. The main image is a reproduction of Varma's famous 'Galaxy of Musicians' took a total of 4760 man-hours to produce. chennaisilks1 most_expensive_saree 2  

The list of ingredients:

  1. Gold- 59 grams 700 milligrams
  2. Diamond- 3 carats 913 cents
  3. Platinum- 120 milligrams
  4. Silver  5 grams
  5. Ruby 2 carat 985 cent
  6. Emerald- 55 cent
  7. Yellow sapphire  3 cent
  8. Sapphire  5 carat
  9. Cat eye- 14 cent
  10. Topaz - 10 cent
  11. Pearl- 2 grams
  12. Coral- 400 milligrams

Adding to the list,another of this similar Vivaha Pattu saree was designed again by The Chennai Silks. This saree worth 40 lakh, only decided to fit itself where it probably does fit best. Nita Ambani was spotted flaunting this saree earlier last year, at her son's wedding in February 2015. Being the wife of the richest man in India does have its perks.


There are so many things that have put India and Indian Traditions on the map in the past. But an art as exclusive and modern as this is a true inspiration for us not to wander away from our traditions. They remind us to hold close to our traditions and our rich culture alive because, you cannot deny it when you say those are the things that make us, our true selves. Embrace it, guard it and be proud that you're a part of a rich and priceless culture and nation!