Things That Happen Only At A South Indian Wedding.. You’re Going To Love The Last One!

Things That Happen Only At A South Indian Wedding.. You’re Going To Love The Last One!

Every culture, every tradition and community in India have their own way of celebrating Weddings and other occasions. South Indian Weddings have a way with emotions, fun and traditions. You only learn to love the fact that you are an Indian when you're at a South Indian Wedding wondering how beautiful your country is with all its cultural vibe! Here are a few things that can happen only at a South Indian Wedding. You'll love the last bit! First things first!

We love to have it the 'Groupie Way'! Lights.. Camera.. Smile!!

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Well, what would you know More Selfies we say!!

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Those colorful moments of drenching the bride with happiness, colored water and what not!

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The Oonjal tradition at a typical Tam-Bram Wedding is honestly one thing you can find only at a South Indian wedding! Precious site indeed!

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If there is one thing that our South Indian men melt and would kill for, it's the sight of a girl shy away and look down, letting the whole world know she is in Love! ONLY a South Indian girl, ONLY at a South Indian Wedding! What say South Indian boys?

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Beyonce who?? Our women hit the 'Swaram' so accurate, your 'Pop' would have to pop those pills and go flat! You need a million ears to hear our women sing at our South Indian Weddings!  

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Forbes will have to learn how to strike poses from us! More Groupies!!

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"Well, don't ever judge our sense of fun! We're pretty serious when it comes to taking it to heights!"  

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Music, we have the best! The melodies that tunes our hearts with happy notes for on a happy South Indian Wedding!

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That mehendi art on our Brides feet? Yeah, ain't no joke thing! 'Ammi Midhi' tradition at A South Indian Wedding is one of the most important and auspicious ones. Those moments are best treasured when a Groom adorns a Brides toe with toe rings, which symbolizes that she is now married!

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The bride trying to put up a smile, hideaway tears and give a brave front to her parents is such an emotional moment. You think our parents are good with putting up a brave front? Nope. Our South Indian families are close knit, we take family and relationships real serious. That's the beauty, that's our strength!


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Ummm No. Just Kiddin! You will not see this at a South Indian Wedding. Do not attempt these scenes without your photographers guidance (they probably had to write a permission letter and get it signed by your parents or something!).

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