Trending Bridal Nail Art Designs!

Trending Bridal Nail Art Designs!

Your hands are the object of every woman?s envy on your wedding day. Your mehndi is?deep and detailed, then why do your nails not receive the same attention? Pamper them?and complete the look with just one visit to your nearest nail spa. And it doesn?t matter if?you don?t have long nails, most spas offer you comfortable nail extension. I would?recommend extensions since they are easier for your nail artist to work on and will make?your nail at last longer. We bring to you, our top five bridal nail art picks:

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1. Truly Traditional

Follow the traditional Indian wedding colours and match your nails to your attire. It?could be your golden sari or your silver lehenga, your nails should glow with your?face. A detailed gold or silver design will match your outfit quite easily. However, this?isn?t recommended if you are going to wear a golden outfit on the wedding day and?a silver one on the reception. For its highly likely that you won?t have the time to?change your nail and wearing a silver sari with golden nail art is a strict no-no.


2. Sparkling Swarovski

Swarovski nails are beautiful and will make you stand out for sure. They offer you?different ways to experiment with them. For example, you could have your ring?finger bedazzled the most and go for simple designs on the rest of your fingers, this?will grab attention towards your engagement ring. You could go for different?coloured stones with a golden or silver tinge, to match your outfit.

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3. French Inspired

Manicured nails look clean, simple, sophisticated and elegant. Also, nail art is?generally an expensive affair so compared to the rest of the designs, French?manicure can prove to be more affordable. Although, if you do have money to spare,?add Swarovski stones to your French manicure for a refreshing glimmer.

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4. Pearls are Forever?

A string of pearls are known to be the ultimate sign of feminity and like the saying?goes, pearls are forever. A pearl studded nail art won?t last you very long, and might?even be a little uncomfortable since it?ll be heavy and protruding. But it looks great?and is an evergreen design. Also, it?s a stunning combination with your mehndi?adorned hands.

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5. Floral Fun

Now acrylic nails have more texture and add layers to your basic nails. Flower inspired acrylic designs are engraved on your nails and give them an exquisite sheen.?Acrylic nails need to be taken care of, they last longer than the other nails and can be?customised better. Though, this type of nail art requires a highly qualified nail artist?and isn?t available easily at salons.

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