9 Yard Saree Combinations That Are The Exact Opposite Of The Ususal!

9 Yard Saree Combinations That Are The Exact Opposite Of The Ususal!

Sarees at Indian weddings are sure a sight. These 9 yard sarees however, are such a delight at South Indian Weddings! Such unique way of draping these sarees, adds to the look that they add to a bride. There is the usual, classic Red 9 Yard Saree and then there's being different from the same! A combination of Yellow and Red, doesn't it bring out the happy vibes of the daylight?

9 Yards- 1

Like a ray of sun that just hit the earth!

9 Yards- 2

Pink and green, a combination that sets things literally on a celebration tone with some classic zari border of course!

9 Yards- 3

Orange and Green combination is one of the trendy and solid colors for festive sarees.

9 Yards- 4

Cheers to amazing contrast of colors that only Indian silk sarees can carry out well.. Wait, not just well, the best in fact!

9 Yards- 5

The most favorite and Classic Red 9 Yards never go out of fashion for sure!

9 Yards- 6

A Maroon and Green 9 Yard Saree is pretty unusual, definitely a pretty mix of colors and classy indeed.

9 Yards- 7

Yellow, Red and all the cheeky cuteness for this bride!

9 Yards- 8

Bright colors with Red are always happy and cheerful combinations! Trendy and very different from the usual colors. Not common can only mean more �Show Stealing� factors added in.

9 Yards- 10

The �in� trend for 9 Yards sarees right now are the most unique contrasts of colors. This Yellow and Blue is a recent favorite of the brides. It�s got happy tones that are enough to set the special day on fest mode!

9 Yards- 11