Mesmerising marigolgs for outdoor decor!

Mesmerising marigolgs for outdoor decor!

Marigolds are always beautiful when they are used in décor. Especially while used as an outdoor décor in the enchanting hill backdrop of Kotagiri. Here is a beautiful minimal décor by “ @the-event-tale# “by Shopzters in the beautiful backdrop of blur mountains in the western ghats


Has any pulling carriage looked prettier? Marigolds have that effect and make any prop look beautiful!


Who wouldn’t love a small function or party in such a beautiful backdrop where clouds kiss the marigold décor in a chilly climate!


The marigolds add extra charm to the hanging lanterns in the décor.


The marigolds overflowing from the painted earthen pots is unique and a beautiful addition to an already charming backdrop.


The swing looks so inviting with stunning yellow marigolds decked in it! Thumbs up for using hanging lanterns filled with charming marigolds.


The hanging lanterns add a touch of magic to the entire setup.


Who wouldn’t love this backdrop to catch up with family and friends on their big day?


The marigold curtains are the best background for clicking selfies for posting on social media.


The Strands of marigold look even more attractive with led lights added to them.


The lights with the marigolds try hard to match up to the bride’s sparkling eyes!


The single ladies must be ready to go off with their knights in such beautifully decorated carts even if it’s just a prop!