All The Colour Coordinated Outfit Inspiration You Need - Reception Edition!

All The Colour Coordinated Outfit Inspiration You Need - Reception Edition!

Stand out during your reception wearing matching ensemble that make you look regal and poised. Our favorite this season is to wear an artfully embellished lehenga or a gown while the groom is dressed in a formal suit or a sharwani to match the bride. Here are a few inspirations that are out of the box!


Wearing matching monochrome is the simplest and the safest option that you can never go wrong with. Choose a colour that will go well with the bride-groom and work on it. It is a classy way to match each other effortlessly.

Photography by Rimi Sen

Photography by Cahaya

Matching Outfits with a Twist

An out of the box idea to match outfits is to wear matching colours but adding a second colour that is contrasting. It can be cleverly added as a dupatta, blouse or a headgear. This method breaks the monotony of colours and gives a contrasting vibe to the ensemble.

Photography by Kabir Gowda

Photography by RVR Pro

Photography by Zero Gravity

Photography by Weva photography

Photography by Zero Gravity

Wearing Similar Shades and Complementary Colours

Another idea to match each other is to wear similar hues and their complimentary colours. This makes each of the colours stand out, yet work out as matching outfits when put together.

Photography by Zero Gravity

Photography by Memory Lanes

Photography by Zero Gravity 

Photography by Aaron Obed

Photography by Aaron Obed

Choosing from the Same Colour Palette

You can never go wrong matching each other’s outfits by wearing different hues of the same colour. Try to use similar shades of chosen colours and not too far off the colour scheme for it to work.

Photography by The Con Artists

Photography sourced from Pinterest

Photography by Vipin Photography

Photography by Ashish Photography