Picturesque Outdoor Couple Portraits We Love!

Picturesque Outdoor Couple Portraits We Love!

Photographers are an essential part of your wedding planning as they help you capture the biggest day of your life. These pictures reflect the joy and celebration of the ceremony and the wonderful people in it. What is better than a few fun and candid pictures, captured in beautiful backdrops that freeze the greatest celebration of your life? Here are a few such inspirations for your couple shoot from @zero-gravity-photography#.

Candid And Cute

Nothing looks better than genuine emotions captured on camera. It is adorable when the bride looks shyly at the groom or when the groom steals a look at the pretty bride. Capturing such precious expressions are what make candid photography everyone’s favorite. Candid pictures look even better when they are captured artistically in a beautiful surrounding. These pictures become treasures and adorn the wall of the couple’s home forever!

Stunning Portraitures

Remember how the royals do it? Choose a perfect location and pose for pictures that are flawless and stunning. These pictures are often shot in picturesque locations like beach, during sunset or in a garden, thus giving the best canvas for the photographer work his magic. Such planned portraits are beautifully composed and staged, and end up looking like paintings.