10 Best Hair-Do's To Go With Sarees

10 Best Hair-Do's To Go With Sarees

While there is still a monotonous air around selecting saree for the wedding or reception and then accessorizing and hairstyling around it, here are a few ways you can still play around with traditional and new looks and styles.

1. Starting off with the most traditional yet rich look with neatly partitioned hair studded and lined with traditional hair accessories that match up any silk saree that you try.

Hair Style Saree 1

2. A casually braided hair with neatly accessorised wedding wear can never run out fashion. Make sure to puff up or make some twist and rolls above the braids. Gorgeous is the word.

Hair Style Saree 2

3. Soft curls towards the end and casually pulled up and pinned hair gives you a comfortable feeling and some air to breathe for a pleasant reception or sangeet occassion.

Hair Style Saree 3

4. The Classy and gorgeously pulled back bun, adorned with traditional hair chains and unique patterns of jewellery puts a bride on spot while she already is being the show stealer!

Hair Style Saree 4

5. This being one of the trending bee-hive puffed, neatly partitioned for the hair accessories, pulled into a bun with natural flowers around it. What more does a woman need to make a stunning bride?

Hair Style Saree 5

6. A casual and neat french braid against a saree could with a simple flower around it can make the bride look more traditional than an overload on accessories could. While you're still hunting for hairstyle options, also make sure you're comfortable enough to carry out the new styles that you try on.

Hair Style Saree 6

7. Hair all curled up and tied to the side gives more volume to the hair. Match it with a simple tiara or hair accessory to rock that in style!

Hair Style Saree 7

8. A full volume of curls loosely pulled together, some extra hair spray to keep it in place adds magic to the air and a comfortable smile on any bride's face.

Hair Style Saree 8

9. Another traditional hairstyle if you are one of those long haired brides, go with the classic braided hair and make sure to adorn it with creative hair accessories to compliment your hair. Go all 'Rapunzel' on that adorably long hair of yours!

Hair Style Saree 9

10. A similar puffed hair in the front and curls falling down, but it all depends on the way the bride finds a way to add dazzle to the hairstyle with charming hair accessories to fill the lines and partitions.

Hair Style Saree 10