Make-up According To Personality!

Make-up According To Personality!

Weddings require you to be lady-like (obviously!), highlighted on a feminine side and tone down your crazy side. Well the good news is, you can always go back to your normal crazy-self after your wedding. But what can help you get in touch with the woman in you better than make-up? Your wedding make-up sessions however, are not exactly your experimental ground. You need to work on make-up that doesn't create a new you but only highlights and compliments you, your skin tone and your personality. You can always do a couple of trial make-up sessions before your big day. This will help you get used to carrying yourself in a better way. Make sure your make-up, accessories and hair-style fit in with your Wedding wear while it still compliments and bring out the best out of the woman in you.  

1. Rangoli Vibe 1 Image Credits: Zero Gravity Studios If you have always liked the feel of bright colors on your skin Rangoli Vibe is all yours. Your confidence in bold shades that bring out your personality is definitely helping you pull this off. Do not be hesitant to try new styles during your trial make-up. Go in for shades and brush-ups that highlight your features. Sharp lines have a way with this look. Give a shot at blending in combinations of colors and looks.  

2. Simple Dimple 2 Image Credits: Creative Wedding Photography You love shades that mellow down and fit your skin tone. If you're going in for this style, then make sure to add colors to other things like your wedding wear or accessories. It compensates the mellow on your make-up. You can work on bringing out your eye-make up and being subtle on the rest of the color tones you use. You are the 'Less is More' kind of a person and that attitude is your strength.  

3. Raga Saga 3 Image Credits: Memory Writers Raga literally means Color/Hue! That's exactly what this is about. You're up for new styles and love it when it's all about the hues. Make sure the hues boost up and highlight your personality and features. You can also go slightly 'Vintage' on the hues if that suits your skin tone and your accessories. Bronzy touches get you the vintage look. Be sure to work on sharper lines and eye-make up with the Raga Saga.  

4. Pastel Pretty 4 Image Credits: Creative Wedding Photography This is one of the trending styles right now. If you are all about subtle awesomeness, matt finishes and pastel colors, this is totally you. You get to choose between lighter and husky shades that suit your skin tones. Keep can your lip color toned light and your eye make-up towards smokey and glamorous. Keep the lines blended-in and matt-touched.  

5. Dazzle Diva 5 Image Credits: Zero Gravity Studios Glitter and Shine excite you? You're our Dazzle Diva! Get in to action to show that Diva in you a good time. Use glitter touches for your eye make-up and make them bolder and nice layered. Stronger lines on your cheek bones along with glitter touches along compliments the Dazzle Diva look. Carry yourself with enough confidence that made you fall for the glitters in the first place and you're going to do great!  

6. Classy Glam 6 Image Credits: Zero Gravity Studios To the kind of damsels who make heads turn by just managing to look classy and glamorous all at the same time, you rock this style! Classy Glam brings in a traditional and class look for the bride. All you need to do is find hues that blend in with your skin tone. Keep your eye make-up and lip-color the highlights of your make-up.