2015 Trending Blouse Designs - Part 1

2015 Trending Blouse Designs - Part 1

These cutting-edge designs worn by the Bollywood divas are now very much in trend in the South too. A lot of designers have told us that brides-to-be bring in designs of blouses taken from Shopzters gallery and it is so heartening to know that. Hope these blouse designs we have posted below inspire many a bride.

High Neck Blouse Design

Currently, high neck blouse are most loved and preferred by the bridesmaids and other young wedding guests. Even our most loved celebrities seem to be sporting these in the red carpets with various combinations of sleeves. But the best suited sleeve for a high neck blouse would the long sleeves or to go sleeveless. If you are a person who loves the sleeveless but a little hesitant toward wearing it to a wedding then go for the cap sleeves. It definitely looks awesome.


Corset design

The blouse is stitched to look and fit exactly like a corset. This type of blouse reaches your hip and looks like a western top. This gives your designer sarees more of a western look.  


Chinese collar blouse

Not everyone can rock a chinese collared outfit. This type of collared blouse only suits the ones with long neck. This blouse will make you look like your stuck if your neck is not long enough. This type of blouse goes well without or full sleeves.

chinese collar1

The see through blouse

Materials like the chiffon, lace, etc. are how these blouses are made see through. This type of blouse adds an additional perk to the saree itself. This type of blouses when having rather full length sleeves shows the perfect result. In case you want to give it a little fancier look you can add either embroidery or cutwork on it.


Blouse with a short coat

Now-a-days, anything is worn with a coat. Why not a blouse? A sleeveless blouse with a short coat is something new which gives a different look towards your whole outfit. This is rather different from your other blouses but worth trying if you are planning for something really new.


To be continued...