A Photographer's Delight! - Light Story

A Photographer's Delight! - Light Story

Amazing wedding decor, well organized weddings, enthusiastic, very-much-in-love bride and groom, close knit families who truly enjoy the wedding celebration are magic ingredients for a dream wedding coverage. Most memorable weddings have one or many of these, but once in a while I get be part of a wedding where all of these come together, making everything look magical.

Poorna and Vibushan got married at Codissia in Coimbatore in a grand four day wedding celebration.

Day 1 was a cozy gathering of family and friends for Mehendi. Mehendi was followed by Sangeet and it was a very lively event with a packed dance floor. Viratham, engagement and reception were on day 3, and I loved the wardrobe the couple had chosen with elaborate love and care. Poorna looked lovely in brilliant pink, green and red hues complimented perfectly by Vibushan in elegant and dashing teal, off white and beige outfits.

Day 4 was the actual wedding, and it was a grand event, with over 2000 guests celebrating Poona and Vibushan's special day. Poorna was resplendent in red and green complemented by the ruby and emeralds she had chosen, and then in the very auspicious yellow Muhurtham saree. We had some time to squeeze in few fun shots, with the madisar wearing bride riding the bike with her groom. 1 6 8 12 11 2 13 7 10 9 3


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