Best Of 2019 - The Most Emotional Candids Of 2019

Best Of 2019 - The Most Emotional Candids Of 2019

Any wedding is an emotional rollercoaster for the bride and groom. Happiness, sadness, fun, laughter and excitement follow each other and the closest family is always overwhelmed, giving incredible photo-opps for capturing these raw emotions.

The moment when the bride has to leave behind her family and join her new family is the most emotional moment. This capture shows it all!

Any bride will be overwhelmed the moment the thali is tied around her neck. The tears of this bride express the mixed emotions she’s going through beautifully.

This bride’s peck on the cheek shows her love for  herclose one and her smile reciprocates the love!

This bride has just realized that she has married the man of her dreams! Marrying your prince charming is sure to make you feel surreal!

This father’s priceless tears express his love and sadness rightly as he gives away her little girl.

This is the most adorable candid we have come across this year. The bride’s four legged friend is saddened waving goodbye to his best friend! A big AWW for this heart breaking picture!

We love the groom’s happiness and the bride’s sadness as they both jump into married life. Leaving behind daddy and mommy is never easy for any bride.

We want to hug the bride and her family. The Vidai part of any wedding is emotional for the bride’s family and the click by Studio A has captured the moment beautifully.

The bride’s expressive eyes say it all! She is all in for this new reunion and the groom’s thoughtful gesture proves he will stand by her forever!

No bride wants to let go of her dad’s hug but the groom’s expression is surely reassuring her that he will be her everything until the end of time.

Tears of joy and sadness is sure to fill any bride’s eyes on her big day. “Stories from WEVA” has captured the moment beautifully.

Goodbyes are always hard but goodbyes to your family is the toughest. This poignant moment is capturedtastefully in this click.

We want to just go and comfort this emotional bride! Her pain and sadness is so raw and can be felt by anyone looking at this photo.

It breaks the grooms heart to see his soul mate cry, even if it is natural and expected. A big hug to this forlorn bride and her sensitive groom.

The picture shows how the brides are overwhelmed with joy and sorrow on their big day. Holding your better half’s hands and letting go of your daddy’s will have that effect on any girl.