The Best Of 2019 - Top 10 Festive Floral Canopy Bridal Entries Of 2019!

Getting the first glimpse of the bride is the most awaited event for the groom and the wedding guests. It has almost become a tradition to have the brides waltz in, under a beautifully decorated floral canopy. Here are our favourite picks!

There is something pretty about a bunch of perfect white orchids. It is the best way to make your bridal entry underneath them.

Choosing red blossoms for a bride wearing all white is an intelligent choice. We love the contrasting colours of the bright flowers against the white clothes.

We adore the  refreshing greens in the canopy against which hang the delicately strung lily and rose garlands.

The thatched roof of the canopy and the carnations in the frame make the perfect canopy for the bride to make anentrance into the wedding.

Thumbs up for the pretty pink parrots that is included in the floral canopy. It adds a zing and brightness to the whole bridal entry.

The bride looks ravishing and we love her jasmine jali canopy and the delicate lotuses hanging from it.

Lovely bride, lilies and lotuses. What more do you need to make a statement and an elegant entry?

We can’t get enough of this bride’s swag and her modern floral canopy with multi- coloured roses and ferns.