Exotic Wedding Destinations In India

Exotic Wedding Destinations In India

Bored of all the same old wedding halls all your elders ones got married in! Looking for some place different for you? Here are a few exotic wedding destinations in India for you to choose from.

1) Jaipur - For the Royal weddings

Neemrana Fort Palace, Delhi-Jaipur Highway

Neemrana is situated in the Delhi - Jaipur Highway making it an amazing location for luxury wedding for both Delhi and Jaipur. The 15th century fort palace first held an international Royal wedding in the 1992 and a Punjab Royal wedding. The Fort Palace adapted well with both the royal festivities which was anything but stiff. It is also well known Palace where Indians married westerners which made it a preferred destination for luxurious weddings in Jaipur.

They have added a Roman Amphitheatre which can accommodate about some 200 people. There are also hanging gardens, UnchaBagh (a wing specially designed with splendid views and more) and various other locations for both day and night grandeur functions and ceremonies. If you are looking to host a destination wedding in Jaipur without all the hassle, the perfect setting would be the Neemrana Fort.




2) Jodhpur - For the tasteful weddings

UmaidBhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Perched on the desert capital of Jodhpur, UmaidBhawan palace is one of the last great sandstone monuments of India and one of the largest private residences in the world. Though located in the desert, this monument is set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens. The Palace itself is a mixture of eastern and western architecture. The golden hue of the Palace gives a magnificent glow all by itself. It offers both indoor and outdoor venues whose themes and cuisine are based on the particular region.



3) Goa - For beach weddings

The Goan Wedding is indeed very popular with the young. The Goan wedding is considered to be a show-stopper especially with cross-cultural weddings. It is an established fact that Goa is quite known for its beautiful sandy beaches. In a country like India, beach weddings are known to be novelties. Therefore, a Goan wedding setting can be considered not just a unique affair but also a very romantic one at that. Goa is mainly chosen as a destination for couples who want to have a simple outdoor wedding with the hint of the most exotic pre and post wedding events and parties. The more exotic the location the more fun guaranteed. Wedding themes that incorporate romantic sunsets and the allure of the sea are guaranteed not only to impress wedding guests but also express the happy future that the couple aspires for.


4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands - For a little foreign touch

When you decide to go a little different but want it in India, you should pick from the best. This famous Havelock Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Island, will serve you well in white sandy beach, sunny palm beach and endless resorts and hotels. Your wedding has to be the best day where everyone remembers it. So when you pick this far away island, you not only invite your guest to your wedding but treat them to a vacation destination too!This would be the little cherry on the top you need to give for the perfect wedding you always dreamed of.

5 andaman

Hermosa Beach

5) Kerela- In The God's Own Country

The Leela, Kovalam

Who wouldn't want to be married in the God's own country! The very earthy and luxurious of the states which gives a mix of everything from simple to extravagant! The Leela, Kovalam is considered to be the most luxurious of wedding venues in Kerala. It offers mesmerizing views of the horizon and the crystal clear waters of the sea; this venue understands opulence and class in the highest manner. This is one of those few wedding venues which have an exclusive beach. The Leela, Kovalam isn't just one wedding venue. It's a whole album of exotic exciting locations and opportunities. This place provides you to have a beach ceremony, and maybe a reception at the cliff top. The Leela,Kovalam also provides ultra-luxury accommodations for all your guests. Pandal, the rustic Kerala hall, oozes charm and is only five minutes from the beach. For a traditional wedding, our convention centre, the largest in Kerala, can accommodate up to 900 guests.

6leela kovalam

6) Hyderabad - For the Nizam style

Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad

Taj Falaknuma Palace is the palace that was once home to the world-renowned Kohinoor and Jacob diamonds. It is said that the treasure chests of this palace held enough pearls to pave the streets of Piccadilly. Chatoyant tapestries made of metallic copper yarn, Venetian and Belgian cut-glass chandeliers, a Jade room, a billiards table that has its duplicate only at the Buckingham Palace - the list could go on and on. With a banquet on the world's largest dining table and a night at a suite that comes with its own private swimming pool, a wedding here is as much of a glorious journey into the past as it is a celebration of your present. Traditional butlers lead you to a room that gleams with royal silver. And a hundred and one leather-covered chairs invite you to a sit-down meal that's lit by a hundred and one candles. You will now find your guests conspiring to tell each other about how fabulous the authentic six-course traditional Hyderabadi cuisine is. For an unforgettable after-dinner experience head to the Hookah Lounge, where jazz, rare cognacs, single malts and Cuban cigars create the perfect ambience for a game at the Nizam's own billiards table. This, along with the Palace Facade for your cocktails, the Gol Bungalow with its stain-glassed dome, and the 2,000 sq. ft. Durbar Hall that allows for a reception-style gathering, is sure to make your wedding banquet an event as royal as the Nizam's once was.


By Guest Blogger Harini Raghavendran