Leave You Smiling With Every Image You Unfold - Sowmya Mense

Leave You Smiling With Every Image You Unfold - Sowmya Mense

One of the most sought after wedding photographers in recent times, Sowmya of @sowmya-photography# has carved a niche for herself in a male dominated industry. Brimming with confidence, she spoke of her journey from an ameateur photographer to a comple professional! A lady super star in her own right, Sowmya loves capturing every element of the weddings – people, emotions, drama, action, portraiture, landscape, macro, and turning them into single frame of beautiful memoirs.

 I am Sowmya Mense. A daughter, a wife, a mother & a passionate photographer. 

As a girl, growing up in Bangalore, my love for Photography started as a hobbyist in 2004, although it wasn't until 2010, i realised it was my call, I just wanted it - I felt like i should be a photographer" .

I worked in the IT industry for around 8 years, before taking up photography as a full time profession. An opportunity to take a family shoot came my way and this paved the way to the realization of my passion, which is photography. I started off with kids and family photo shoots and soon some of my clients approached me to shoot their weddings. It was a time when there were no female wedding photographers around and I jumped at every opportunity I got to establish myself.

Before becoming a full time photographer, I travelled with like-minded friends to various destinations just to capture various places and moments. I have learnt a lot from my friends who are connoisseurs of photography. I wanted to explore my passion and took some time to find out the suitability of this profession. I must say that I have been extremely lucky to have the support of my family. My parents knew where my heart went and supported me in this venture. My interest for wedding photography increased when I got married and thankful to my husband who has been my pillar of strength.

Travel has been an integral part of my assignments and I indeed love every trip of mine. Wedding photography has different shades, as weddings are always full of colours and emotions. I feel I specialize in details, colours, emotions and also give girlish touch to my photos. Being a married woman, I can understand when a girl feels special and go on to capture such special moments. This is the gift I give to my clients.

Weddings have all the elements that I love framing - emotions, drama, details, colours, motion and list goes on.... I try to do my best to immortalize important and happy moments. I value the ability to express my vision, while meeting the needs and preferences of my clients.  I am incredibly lucky to make a living out of my love for photography, creativity, and humanity. I find beauty in simple things, and I love making simple things look beautiful and awesome. I love meeting people with various backgrounds. My customers inspire me a lot. I often meet camera-shy people, and I love seeing how they can open up and feel comfortable after a while; it's an enjoyable process. This career also allows me to create my own schedule and work in a comfortable pace when I edit.

I am immensely passionate about this modern art.  Presently feeling blessed to be heading a team of vibrant photographers under the name of SowmyaPhotography and making  a living in a most comfortable pace. We have covered over 200 + weddings world wide. We have established ourselves as one of India's best photographers in wedding genre over the years.

My Philosophy - " I love that I can see things in a certain way , whether I have a camera or not "  & with camera "I weave stories and preserve it to be treasured till eternity!!!"

My message to young aspirants:

I feel it is important to have a lot of patience and interest and ultimately work very hard towards reaching your goal.