Makeup Artist Ibrahim on 2016's Makeup Trends

Makeup Artist Ibrahim on 2016's Makeup Trends

12468291_1660028490918897_1651352792_n : I think the important thing that's trending is some sort of Bridal Fever, says Ibrahim with a quick laugh. As an amazing make-up artist, Ibrahim has become one of the on demand artists among the brides these days. Well, you would know why when you see his works and the way he handles his clients with so much care and never fails to bring a smile on someone's face! We knew we got to the right person to give us 'Expert Views' on what would be trending 2016's bridal make-up, when he started explaining the scenario.

Lots of colours, bold lips, dark colours like magenta, dark maroon and some bright colours is what's in for the season. It's nice to see brides willing to experiment new style as far as make-up is considered. Strobing is another trending style. It's just about adding a glossy look to the cheek bones and highlighting the features.



Brides are now starting to switch to glossy make-up from the popular matte make-up, at least a 70% of the brides have gone for the switch I must say. They also opt for a no make-up look, which is still a style of make-up, but very subtly done.

With regards to eye make-up, bold eyebrows, dark lines, colourful eyeliners with the popular and quickly trending glitter are in now. It also depends on what the bride's wedding attire is. For traditional outfits, we stick to some traditional make-up.


Using extra lashes definitely helps. It gives the non-droopy, sharp-eye looks. Smokey and matte eye make-up with glitter is another trending style and brides love it. The trick to highlight the eyes is just to use bronze, gold or copper shades.12460078_1109867165690359_1967984707_n

My goal is to, at the end of the day, try my best to put a smile on the brides face and make sure she is completely happy with the way she looks on her special day. While getting to it is quite tricky, it's been amazing to watch my clients smile and dazzle on their wedding day. They simply trust me to make them look best and I always work towards that. It's been an amazing journey I must say! But to the greater things in 2016.