Move Over Bridesmaids! We’ve Got Grooms-men Fashion-Up Now!

Move Over Bridesmaids! We’ve Got Grooms-men Fashion-Up Now!

Let's kick this off with some rustic like of look shall we? Give a man some suit-up scenes, he would go ahead and do so, give a man quite the semi-casual Jeans paired up with some rustic fashion idea, he'll make sure to keep the show up and running while still stealing it all! Even better if its your own bunch of Grooms-men rocking the show right?   Go all MIB over suits and shades. Tell us if your wedding party did not just buckle up when the men decide to suit-up and tie!

Groomsmen 2

Photo credits: Creative Wedding Photography

South Indian Pattu Sattai and Mundu are always a delight to have on the wedding scenes. Tradition, fashion, nothing beats these!

Groomsmen 3 Photo credits:Creative Wedding Photography

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Groomsmen in grey, the most complementing look for the groom! 12651333_951186111602446_2472179092101798366_n

Photo credits: Vipin Photography

You don't need a theme wedding to decide to go all Indian with your Grooms-men costumes! They fit in the frame any day. Make sure they are quite comfortable to move around in. Groomsmen 4

Photo credits: Mystic Studios

Messy big hair is back in fashion, shiny suits, and bow-tie? Bring them on! We've got men wanting to have all the fun. Girls can't have it all! Come on! We'll balance it all right out! Groomsmen 5

Photo credits: ZG Studios

Another rugged look that Grooms-men can give a shot at since stubble and beard are now trending looks. As long as these men are not made to compromise on their beard and style, they'll be happy to go along with Fashion and wedding suits! Let them try on a variety vests, blazers and just anything that could add to some ruggedness.

Groomsmen 6

Photo credits:Studio A

Themes and similar colors play well on Grooms-men attire too! With Indian Sherwanis and Turbans are finding a way with the Grooms choice for the wedding, similar attire for the Grooms-men is definitely going to put the scene in place!

Groomsmen 7

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