Off-Beat Spots For A Couple Shoot In Chennai

Off-Beat Spots For A Couple Shoot In Chennai

Catching the Chennai-Vibe of Namma Chennai is becoming a thing among the photographers these days! You don't need to fly up Swiss Alps or walk along New York Times Square to get the best frame. We've got some shots beautifully done by some of the best Photographers by just capturing the lightest emotions of Chennai city. Such a delight to watch the frames come alive!

1. Chennai Backwaters Along ECR

Chennai Outskirts Vipin

Catch some Sunset shots along the backwaters on ECR. One of the best ways to enhance your frames with some evening lights. A few places even have these ruins in the middle of the backwaters. Men on catamarans will sure be happy to help you get to these spots. Anything to keep up with all the 'Love' in the air right?


2. Napier Bridge

Chennai Napier Foton

One of the most Photogenic spots in the city this the Napier Bridge. Early morning shooting plans would be the best to avoid the traffic and crowded roads. However, even crowded roads make wonderful frames in Chennai.


3. Chennai Trains

Chennai Mystic Stu Shoot

A very creative and a whole new approach to a Couple Shoot, this could be the best way of capturing Chennai vibes along with the couple on the scene. The right timing and right spot does add a magical touch to the entire shoot.


4. Chai Talks and Cafes

Chennai Lloyds Cafe Vipin

Chennai Chai and Cafes are setting new levels of attracting people with their ambience and interiors. This shot by Vipin is from Lloyds Tea House. A very personal favorite of Blue, White and whole lot of Antique English touch lovers. The lighting at this place totally sets the 'Picture Perfect' frame.


5. Besant Nagar Beach

Chennai Besi Foton

Another clich spot, but don't ever underestimate what this place can bring out on your camera. The place has the entire 'Chennai Emotion' fully packed, giving new perspectives for the shoot.


6. Semozhi Poonga

Semozhi Poonga CWP shoot

A green lover would fall in love with this place. Couple can wear bright colored costumes as it brings out Happy Vibes to the pictures. Pitching in every possible cheer, this place is sure to trigger all the love that need to be captured on the frame.


7. Chennai Bus Shoot

Chennai Bus CWP

Chennai Buses! Ah! Something every Chennai-ite dreads but cannot live without. Couple shoot on Chennai Buses is slowly 'Trending' among couples. Gets all the 'Chennai-ness' that can definitely remind what Chennai is truly made of.


8. Overhead Bridge

Chennai Overhead Bridge CWP

One of the Overhead Bridges either along Saidapet or OMR stretch, make great Candid Shots! Make sure to be on those while It's not too crowded.


9. Dhakshin Chitra

Chennai Dhakshin Chitra CWP

Tucked away from hustles of the city traffic and noise, Dhakshin Chitra is not only the perfect escape spot but also make some of the best backdrops for a couple shoot. This place is filled with history of major Indian culture, architecture and rich vibe of traditions. Why would it not be perfect, right?


10. Roads Along ECR

Chennai ECR Roads

Soft evening lights make some classy frames when you are on an Outdoor Couple Shoot. Some of the small roads along ECR that lead to the beaches around the area are perfect spots. Well maintained clean roads, with no people around most of the time and beautiful beach houses on wither sides there cannot be a better frame to get the couple to be themselves, fall in love all over again so their best moments can be framed!