Senjutaaley! The Fun Wedding Song Shot By Iswarya Photos!

We all saw the remake of the ‘Senjutaaley’ song by Iswarya Photos! And did we all not love it! We at Shopzters wanted to know more from the makers of this video! And this is how it went!

1. Awesome song Mahesh! Many congratulations on the success of this video!

Thank you so much! The credit goes to the couple Nanda and Sindu for their support, enthusaism and effort and also Manoj, our chreographer and his team. I would also like to thank all of us at Iswarya Photos for their support.

2. Why this song? Any specific reasons?

The general choice for shoots like this are Melodic numbers, but we wanted to do a song that is fun. We wanted dancing and expressions, moments that will make whoever watching this smile and laugh and feel the love the couple share. Sindu and Nanda are an enthusiastic couple, and knowing them, we knew that we needed a song with beats and that is why we chose this song

3. Whose idea was this?

I suggested this idea and they were really interested in implementing it! They were super excited and were very sportive. Initially we planned the English number from the same movie Remo. Then when I heard this song, I felt this would be a better choice, I suggested this song and they were on-board in no time!

4. The locales are beautiful! Where did you shoot the song?

We shot at Fort Kochi. Just in around 2-3 streets there. People usually head to Pondicherry or Goa for such shoots, but I fell in love with this place when I saw it. My friends had a few pictures clicked in and around that area when they went on a trip. As soon as I saw those pictures, I knew it was the place!

5. Please tell us about the experience.

Sindu is my wife Iswaryas’ close friend, so we knew them a little before this video. They live at Bangalore, so we planned a weekend shoot. The plan was to reach Fort Kochi the night before the shoot, take rest and start early next morning, but unfortunately, we reached at 3:00 AM in the morning on the day of the shoot! That early in the morning, we did not get any rooms to crash in either, so we drove for almost 2 hours and finally we got a room and crashed at 4:30 AM. The next day, we got up late and post noon, the shoot started!

One person I must mention amidst all this is out choreographer Manoj. He is an important reason as to why this video is a success. You might have heard of him. He was the runner up in the first season of ‘Ungalil Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva’ and also the winner in Season 5 of ‘Jodi No.1’. He helped the couple learn the steps and had everything planned! The couple learnt the steps very quickly, so we were ready to shoot from start to finish!

6. Were there any difficulties during the shoot?

Yes, there were some. Our guide for the trip could not join us due to a personal emergency, so it was the 4 of us searching for spots all over the place. We walked about here and there, found spots and did the shot. I must appreciate and thank Nanda and Sindu at this time. They were totally supportive and did not have a scowl on their face at any moment! Sindu took to all the multiple costume changes without any protest and Nanda did not care about people looking at him on the street. He wore his glares, caught the beat and did the song with the professionalism of a seasoned actor!

7. How long was the post shoot edit?

Since we meticulously planned the song beforehand, it took me only 4 hours to finish the editing of the song!  

8. So what next for Iswarya Photos?

We are doing a video for Diya Menon and the shoot is starting this December! We cannot tell you more details *smile*. Also, another major thing on our bucketlist is personalized videos for couples. We want custom made songs - lyrics written, songs produced for every couple that wants them. A song just for them!