Smile Is Your Best Accessory! But... - Bridal Preachings

Smile Is Your Best Accessory! But... - Bridal Preachings

A happy bride is a beautiful bride. And nothing speaks louder than photographs. Sutra Snapperz have just nailed it with these breathtakingly beautiful pictures of the resplendent bride, Humera. With golden ensemble and jewelleries to match, she is a picture of elegance and class. A green bold neckpiece with matching pair of earrings stands out and gives her a unique look. And while you are at it, check out her brilliantly creative hairstyle with two flowers adorning her bun, placed just near the ears to give Humera a look of sophistication blended with subtlety. Humera's make up was done by Tamanna Makeup studio, Banjara hills, Hyderabad. To match her ensemble, her makeup has been kept natural while a dark shade of red lipstick and similar shade of eye shadows make a bold statement to complete her appealingly soft looks.

What we loved about the ensemble is that there are no bold colours and no loud makeup. Yet, the minimalistic look created by a single colour with bold statements at just the right places nails this look. The idea is straightforward: When there is not much in the ensemble to distract one's attention, all the eyes are on you!

One thing this bride taught us: When subtle and sophistication is kept at the right balance, it effortlessly gives you an edge! All it takes, to be a picture of grace and beauty, is wearing the right attitude.

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Photo Credits: Sutra Snapperz