The Quintessential Jewellery For The Perfect Woman! - Designed By Asha Sebastian

The Quintessential Jewellery For The Perfect Woman! - Designed By Asha Sebastian

When you go all the way to customize your saree and design the extraordinaire, extravagant blouses that is just too heavy to use it again, you can definitely put in some thought about your jewellery as well and customize it so as to use it again for future occasions. We know, you know all famous stores and showrooms in town who could do it for you. But, here, we have one unique signature jewellery designer who gives you the best for your unique tastes! Here we have Asha,  the Founder of M.O.D. Signature Jewellery!

‘Originally being from Cochin, my family is into the export business. During my engagement, way back in 1983, I preferred Body jewellery (armlet, waist belt) to having a simple necklace. I couldn't find anything that would interest me in my locality and even after travelling to a city like Bangalore, I couldn't find jewellery of my taste. Then, finally I ended up seeing a Kaarigar at Cochin who could customize jewellery. I gave him a modern design for an armlet jewel (vangi) which turned out to be really unique. This piqued my interest and boosted up my confidence manifold times.

I stepped forward recreating my own designs for other accessories too. I had a chain designed exclusively that would appear like braided hair. It was aTwisted Wire work in gold (Thin wires twisted together forming a design pattern).This was the very second design of mine for my engagement. Going forward, I had designed upto 35 sovereigns and I was just 19 at that time. When I wore all the self-designed jewellery at my engagement, everyone was astonished looking at the unique designs and started enquiring about it. Basically, there was nothing specific for a jewellery design at that time and quenched me with the needed source of a designing ideology.

I was fortunate enough to have got married into a family who was in the Jewellery business. My in-laws' jewellery store is located in Pala, Kottayam. My first child was a boy but still the zeal I had towards this business made me design Jewels for him too. My second child was a girl and it makes perfect sense to get on designing more ornaments based on customs and Traditions. Soon, people were so much interested in what I had to offer, though I was residing at Pala, people from far off places started visiting.

I started designing jewellery at my husband's shop initially but then soon after that my own signature brand was evolved in Pala, and we now have our flagship store in Cochin. The outlet is exclusively structured in a way that you won't feel like walking in unless you have unique tastes. I always design the jewellery to give it a more natural and soulful appeal to it and that could probably be the distinguishing factor I would consider as mine from all other jewellers.

My message to the youngsters is when you plan something, be persistent about it. According to me perseverance is very important in everything you do! You need to have a plan and do stick to it at all times. Choose your career and master whatever you do.  Be very pleasant in your approach towards people.  I wanted to be a jewellery designer since school days and here I am owning a jewellery store. So dream, dream, dream!!