The ULTIMATE Transformation You’ll See On The Internet Today!

The ULTIMATE Transformation You’ll See On The Internet Today!

The word ‘Transformation’ is ruling the internet with countless photos and videos spanning across different aspects of life. It might be about their weight loss journey, their company’s growth, makeup looks, their fitness journey, their pregnancy, their before-after photos, etc.

But here’s the ULTIMATE transformation you’ll see on the internet- the epitome of change. @one-dot-knot# has truly outdone this beautiful initiative! Would you believe us if we said that the conceptualisers of the shoot planned to do this makeover with 85-year old Rangamma? Rangamma underwent the mother of makeovers by completely shedding the skin of her usual self and effortlessly sliding into her new alter ego avatar of a rocker chick, doing unparalleled justice to her look!

She not only owns the look, but her very attitude underwent an incredible transformation. She flaunts her style like no one’s business and the photos look exceptionally beautiful capturing every frame so artfully!

The conceptualizers of this shoot are, 

Designer: @one-dot-knot#

MUA: Scarlet Makeup Artistry

Photography: Studio 2.0 

Scroll through and enjoy this trendsetting vintage shoot bringing out the beautiful Rangamma’s younger self! It truly does prove that ‘Age is just a number’!