Tips For Choosing The Perfect Indoor Wedding Venue!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Indoor Wedding Venue!

What inspires you, when you dream of the perfect place for your perfect wedding? Before you narrow down to a final selection, make sure you do keep a few key points in mind. Weddings are big and yours is certainly not going to be understated!

Choose the Right Venue

1.       Estimate the number of guests – One of the most important factors to be considered while you are picking the perfect location is the number of people you are expecting. You won’t want to spend extra for a place that’s much larger than what you require, but you don’t want people stepping on each other’s toes either(pun intended), by underestimating. The best way out is to take advice from a professional on the estimate if you are unsure about the number of attendees.

2.       Picture Blogs – Before you go out for venue hunting, it is always better to check out some websites or blogs related to the venue (Hello Shopzters!). This works well, especially if it’s a resort or hotel. You can easily find weddings photographs from previous weddings organized at the place. Another good source would be the local wedding photographers. They post photographs on their blogs too. You get a chance to view the venue from the alternate perspective this way. You’ll have an idea how your pictures should be expected. In the end, this helps you make a well – informed decision. If it seems good in print, you can go visit the place to check it out in person.

3.       Your budget – You won’t want to stretch it beyond “Daddy’s budget!” Sit down with your finances and check how much can be allocated to the venue. Also, make sure you involve your parents and would-be-spouse in the discussion. This will ensure that all of you are included in the decision making process and the final decision is a mutual one.

4.       Creativity and the aesthetics matter! – All your ideas can come to life in the virtually limitless world we are a part of. When you are the creator of your wedding theme, it can range from classic to the contemporary. You decide the fabrics, the lighting, flowers and other decorations – it’s your own production you own dream in the making. Roses, candles, crystals, soft lighting – everything can share your special day with you. You can decorate to express yourself. Hence, be creative and pick decorations for the best and the most aesthetically appealing wedding venue. Make sure it reflects yours as well as your partner’s interests, personality and companionship.

5.       Convenience – Choose a place that is convenient to find and reach. Your guests won’t get lost (cursing you for a choosing a venue in a far away land!) and will reach on time, simply meaning more dance, fun, food, masti and celebrations!

To sum up:

Commemorate your special day with tons of glitzy décor and multitude of candles and flowers that best tell your story as a couple. Softly scented air, classic outdoorsy beauty and a place enriched with bright colours, surrounding all your loved ones will make a remarkable beginning for a happy life.

Be a story teller with a wedding as memorable as can be!