Top 6 Wedding Venues In Bangalore!

Top 6 Wedding Venues In Bangalore!

Searching for Wedding Venues?? We've got epic Venues that are going to help add to your beautiful love story! What better way to welcome 2016 than to start planning your Big Day starting with these lovely, artistic and mind blowing Wedding Venue options in Bangalore?

1.Temple tree Leisure

Lights, Lamps, Crystals, Lovely Outdoors, Under the star-lit skies, amonth thatched roofs and trees breathing life, your Wedding or Reception cannot get better than what Templetree makes out of it! This dreamy and flawless location that also comprises of a comfortable parking for the guests is sure out of the world kind of place to spend your Wedding events with your family and friends. A roughly 1,00,000 sq.ft of calm and serine surroundings adds Cherished Forever factor to every memory you and your Wedding guests want to hold on to. You'll love starting the first day of the rest of your lives making memories at a lovely place a Templetree Leisure. Truly A Touch of Bali in Bangalore!

2.The Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree 

Want to go back in time? To the times when Indian Heritage was the best way of life, with nature pampering its people with the best side of it. Welcome to The Tamarind Tree. Having this place as your Wedding Venue option is to literally slow down time and savor every minute of your Big Day with your family, friends and well-wishers.

Tamarind Tree 2

 A pond in the middle of the venue, surrounded by artistic structures that scream Indian Heritage, a calm homestay, your Wedding could be embracing life itself!

3.Elements Celebrate

Elements- First Set-up    

 If you're planning for a Royal Celebration then Elements Celebrate is your best go-to! There can't be anything more romantic than taking vows at a Mandapa surrounded by water. This place holds upto 3000 guest capacity.

Elements- Starlight Room

Their Starlight Room is one of a kind ambience, which literally is set under star light and filled with dreamy fairy lights. A perfect serene party set-up, the old school way!

Elements- Maharani Mandapa

They also have one more of a jaw dropping set-up called the The Queens Pavilion. A themed open air Banquet hall with a beautiful garden too. If you know you're a Queen, you may enter! This places is slowly getting to be the Buzz-In-Town!  

4.ITC Royal Gardenia


Living upto the brand name, ITC is proving itself to be one of couple's favourite Wedding venues. A comfortable, perfect and everything good in the world kind of venue at ITC Royal Gardenia, is not just hype, it's just too good to be true!

5.The Golden Palms

Golden Palms

A pool side wedding event bringing you the star-studded sky right next you in a pool of water is sure magical as much as romantic! Apart from the pool side events, there are also Banquet set-up halls that are absolutely comfortable and luxury ranged. Couple tend to however, prefer a pool side event because, who wouldn't want a Wedding that looks like it's out of a fairy tale?

6.The Bangalore Palace:

Bangalore Palace

A venue that literally has a 'tale as old as time' air around it, with beautiful and perfect architecture, greens and as royal as the venue itself, the Bangalore Palace is one of the popular Wedding Venues. A more perfect set-up for beautiful Weddings, than the Bangalore Palace is not something one would come across easily.