15 Stunning Bride-Sister Portraits- Part 2!

15 Stunning Bride-Sister Portraits- Part 2!

We all need that one friend whom we can depend on completely, especially with respect to getting through the 'bridezilla' phase during the run up to the wedding! And well, no one is more reliable and will be there for us more than our very own sisters and cousin sisters. Not only are you the best of friends but it is also about the close-knit familial relationship. Right from fixing our pleats, carrying extra bobby pins and safety pins, warding away nosy aunties at the wedding to even taking care of stealing the groom's chappals, we know we can trust our sisters with it all! So, scroll down to check out the most beautiful portraits of brides and their sisters!


How lovely is this frame with a burst of colours- Kitschy hues!



What a regal frame! We love this bright pop of colour, the lovely duo are flaunting.


The bond between sisters is truly very special and sacred.


Sisters- forever our favourite pouting partners!


What a lovely frame of the bride and her sister in a traditional mundu set!


Always naughty and cheeky in each other's company!


They will always be partners in crime!


And no matter what, they will always be there for each other!


From stealing each other's clothes to sharing wardrobes to coordinating their outfits for their weddings, they've done it all.


The bond they share is definitely one-of-a-kind!


Don't you love the diamond jewellery here?


We LOVE this stunning frame! What a beautiful embodiment of their love and friendship!


The power duo- Sonam and Rhea getting ready for the biggest day of the former's life!


All the above photographs are sourced from Pinterest / Instagram