5 Blouse Colours To Try For Your Red Saree Apart From Emerald Green

5 Blouse Colours To Try For Your Red Saree Apart From Emerald Green

Whether it’s a celebration, a ritual or any other special occasion, we see the red color everywhere around us. Perhaps, that’s why red is more than just a color but rather a symbol of love, tradition and austerity. This album showcases stunning women draped in amazing red sarees for different occasions. The holy hues of red are a must-wear in our culture; as a result women have a preference for red sarees on special occasions and celebrations. Here are some exclusive red sarees that you can flaunt this wedding season.

Light Green Instead Of The Usual Emerald Green

An evidence of true beauty among ravishing red reflections

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Photo credits : jeevan photography 

Ink Blue

The perfect fusion of gold, glam and glaring red saree!

Photo credits : Anya 

The strong yet graceful statement only made possible with a perfect red number and a dash of royal blue


What makes the red saree stand out – an embellished blouse and that smile!

Photo credits : Ashwin Kireet 

The look of contentment with the elegance of a traditional red saree and a contrasting blouse!

Photo credits : Mystic studios 

A smile that speaks volumes and attire that wins hearts

Photo credits : Photo exit


A rare saree blouse combo that’s bound to make anyone fall in love

Photo credits : Minchu studio 


Dress up to perfection with this red saree and cream blouse duo

Photo credits : Chetan Royie photography