A Celebration of Love and Life, Captured Artfully Through The Lens!

A Celebration of Love and Life, Captured Artfully Through The Lens!

South-Indian weddings are a life-size celebration interspersed with meaningful rituals and of course in the best company of family and friends! It is always a delight to see our paati-thathas sitting along the first two rows of the mandapam chatting away about their memories as kids and how long it has been since they all had a reunion of this sort. And it is every photographer's delight to capture these precious moments through their lens and these photos live on as memories that the couple will forever cherish. A wedding album is always every bride and groom's favourite book to skim through after the celebration to relive every emotion experienced on their special day.

Here's a beautiful wedding that @shaun-studio-by-joes# and team were part of! They captured the bride and groom's personas via their lens and wove magic with their hands. Every frame told a beautiful tale and you will not get enough of these stunning frames. 


The most-anticipated moment! The thaali-moment!


The bride takes a moment to admire her beautiful thaali, symbolic of her now married status. It is not just a chain for her. It is symbolic of a life-long friendship and companionship with her best friend aka husband!


Looks like the groom is quite happy to kiss his bachelor days goodbye! Afterall, he is marrying the love of his life!


Isn't she looking absolutely stunning in this frame? We love her coral lehenga and the jewellery she chose to go with it!


When the bride looks over at the groom wondering if his cheeks hurt too from all the smiling! ♥