Budget Ideas For Your Bridal Outfit!

Budget Ideas For Your Bridal Outfit!

We know that weddings are an expensive affair. It is the day that a bride I supposed to look and feel her best. In today's world, most brides nowadays spend on their outfit and jewellery on their own without any help from their family. For these independent budget brides, we bring fashion tips that'll help cut down the cost and make the wedding friendly to her pocket.

Utilize family heirlooms: Instead of buying jewellery for the wedding, use the jewellery your mother or grandmother have saved up for you. Buy yourself a pair of new bangles maybe. But for the heavy necklace and earrings, use your mother's traditional jewellery. Why? It'll save you money on one hand and on the other, they'll make good family heirlooms. They'll also add sentimental value to your outfit.


Big designer names aren't necessary: If you want to save money then it isn't wise to spend on big brands like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. Instead, design your own outfit. Pick out designs you've appreciated in movies and magazines and work around them. Pick out the fabrics from wholesale markets. And when you're done, take it to your regular trusted tailor and let the magic unfold. If, you're one of our hard working 9-5 job brides and can't afford to spend so much time on your outfit. Then find an aspiring designer. Odds are, you'll be giving them a chance to venture into the wedding scene. And so they'll have more time to give your outfit, new ideas and smarter ways to save. lehenga (22)

Look for alternative embroidery: When you pick an outfit or design you can always opt for a cheaper work or embroidery that'll look better. For example, if you want a flashy lehenga, you could just buy an entirely sequence sheeted fabric which surprisingly doesn't cost much and turn that into your lehenga's bottom. Or buy carefully placed machine embroidery instead of hand-embroidered, which is bound to be expensive. Nets and sequence fabrics are affordable and easy to experiment with.

lehenga (21)

Keep it classy instead of glitzy: Each bride has something in mind when she plans her wedding dress but the most simple to save money is to keep it classy instead of bling-y. Go for a sophisticated design instead of an outfit which is overlapped with work. Pair it with classy heals and traditional jewelry to stay true to tradition and yet stand out.


Split the outfit: The trick is to prioritize the part of your outfit which you think should be heavy. If you're wearing a sari then a heavily embroidered blouse with a simple sari would work. Since it is economical to spend on the blouse instead of the entire sari. Similarly, if you want to work on the sari as well, then go for scattered gold embroidery throughout that'll create the illusion of heavy work.