Capturing The Festivities of A True-Blue Tambrahm Wedding!

Capturing The Festivities of A True-Blue Tambrahm Wedding!

Tam-brahm weddings are generally a very colourful affair with the myriad rituals, ceremonies and of course the food! There a lot of noteworthy rituals that will have everyone in splits- particularly the 'maalai maatral', the 'Kasi yatra' and how can we forget- the nalangu! But a wedding is also about the rollercoaster ride of emotions! In Tambrahm weddings especially, the thaali moment is truly one of a kind because the daughter sits on top of her father's lap when the thaali is tied as a show of 'kanya-daanam'. This is an absolute tear-jerker of a ceremony and it is truly spellbinding to watch the photographer capture those raw emotions in a single frame! Scroll down to check out yet another beautiful wedding that the folks at @capturing-weddings# had the pleasure of shooting!


This is quite an interesting take on the usual pazham thattu, isn't it?

The groom is flexing his poonal-maathing skills for all the ceremonies that will ensue!

The gorgeous bride finally makes her entry into the wedding hall!  

Well boy, is he stoked to see her or what? 

We love when photographers capture the camaraderie between the bride and groom!

The oonjal ceremony is when all the maamis are in their A-game for the rice-ball (javelin) throwing competition!

Doesn't she look her happiest best?

We are loving the colours in this frame!

An escape route has been detected, Bride's dad alert! Jooottt!

How can he leave when he has a bride this beautiful? 

That life-changing 'Metti-moment'!

"Paalakaatu pakkathile oru appavi raja!"

Which Team are you rooting for, in this maalai maatral competition?

The eternal game of Tug-of-war between the bride and the groom's friends!

Wedded bliss! 

We love this charming couple!

Quite the royal duo, aren't they?

A timeless couple portrait! This one's for the walls!