Easy Budget Wedding Décor Ideas

Easy Budget Wedding Décor Ideas

We bring you five easy ways in which you can efficiently achieve the wedding of your dreams without spending lavishly on the decorations.

Replace Flowers

The first step is to cut down on expensive wedding flowers, especially carnations. According to Dhivya, from Saangyas decorations, We replace flowers with artificial designs instead. And if the client does want flowers then we go for the cheaper ones like Roses and Hydrangeas, they look beautiful but are not that expensive.

Saangyas Decor (1)

Credits : Saangyas

Existing Props

When you meet your decorator for the first time, ask to go through the catalogues of their previous work and see if you like something from that. It always comes up cheaper if you use props that are already ready with the decorators, as they don't need to invest in the raw materials and labour costs all over again. Dhivya makes it a point to show her clients the previous decorations and ask if they think a specific piece would fit into their theme.

Jeevitha Decor (77)

Credits : Jeevitha Decor

Avoid Extras

When my clients tell me they want a budget wedding, I automatically cut out the unnecessary things on their list. I only give importance to what's absolutely necessary and what will look good, how I would spend on my wedding, nothing extra. For example, a decorated ceiling or an entire side wall looks good, but nobody even pays attention to it. It's better to invest on an entrance and a beautiful backdrop, because that's what stays and forms good pictures, says SreeVidhya, who is an experienced wedding decorator and the Founder of Bamboo events. The point is to be cautious, research and create photo opportunities for the couple without overdoing it, especially if you have a limited amount to spend.

bamboo events

Credits : Bamboo Events

Be Practical

Vidhya also goes on to tell us that when it comes to functions like Sangeet, she finds orchestras and bands can be eliminated if it's out of your budget, and the use of fabric and just basic flowers can be magical. So you need to understand that you do not need everything, prioritise and talk to your decorator about what will look good and what won't.

The Dream Theme Decor (37)

Credits : The Dream Theme

Materials Cost

Simple and elegant backdrop designs work best on a budget. We concentrate on props made from fibres as they cost less, use of cloth draping is also cheap and efficient. Also, if it is a budget wedding we do not take up clients from outside the city so it's best to pick a decorator from your city to minimize the cost, said Jeevitha decor from Coimbatore who are wedding experts and believe that there is always an efficient way to cut down on the materials being used.

Decor by Dinaz

Credits : Decor by Dinaz