Lifesaving Skincare Tips You Need For Your Big Day- Part 2!

Lifesaving Skincare Tips You Need For Your Big Day- Part 2!

Food to Avoid - Skincare

With your Big Day around the corner, are you stressed out? Are you worried about what you’ll wear or how you’re skin will look? Don’t worry, leave the tips to the expert, Dr. Sasikumar. Dr Sasikumar is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who has treated various types of skin.

Food to Avoid

Proper diet is crucial for you to maintain healthy and glowing skin. To accomplish flawless glowing skin, it's essential for women to follow a good diet. It’s crucial for you to understand which food you should eat and which you should avoid. It’s always fun to have one cheat day in your diet, however, if you’re unable to maintain consistency, then you could have a problem.

Here are a few tips from Dr Sasikumar Muthu:

  • Avoid eating anything that has a high glycemic index such as white bread, white rice and so on.
  • Avoid food that is fried
  • Avoid oily and greasy food
  • Avoid eating food with a heavy sugar content
  • Avoid eating food with high salt content
  • Avoid eating foods that might dehydrate your skin


For the flawless skin you desire, you need to ensure that you follow a proper diet. By ensuring that you avoid all these food and maintain consistency, you can achieve the fair glowing skin you deserve.

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