Silk Sarees and Their Unparalleled Beauty!

Silk Sarees and Their Unparalleled Beauty!

No matter how many ever fabrics sarees come in today, be it organza, tussar, cotton, jute or georgette, the class and elegance of a pure silk saree is truly unparalleled! Silk was a novelty a few decades back but thanks to the advancement of technology, it is a lot more affordable now. The draping of these six yards of elegance has evolved with time and has taken on so many different avatars with changing trends.

Silk sarees are now a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and @mabia-boutique#'s new range totally has our heart! Every saree is visually stunning and the comfort and quality are unmatched.

Here’s a sneak peek into their collection!


You can never go wrong with the traditional combination of red, green and gold! @mabia-boutique# shows us how to style this gorgeous checked saree with a red-gold cutwork blouse paired with just the right antique jewellery to go with.



Here's a beautiful bright multicoloured saree in shades of pink, yellow and green running horizontally throughout the length. It is paired aptly with a bright pink stone and sequin work blouse with a hint of green. We are personally loving how well this look has been accessorized! All you ladies, take notes please!




Pure silk saree with a backless blouse? YES YES YES! @mabia-boutique# has always showcased the most innovative styles in their blouse range but this definitely is one of their creative best. This striking earthy-toned saree with a bright red-gold zari border makes us want to reach out for our purse and run to the store! The simple yet elegant accessorizing complimenting the blouse with the tassel detailing completes this gorgeous look.