Skin Hacks and All The Solutions A Bride Needs For Her Big Day!

Skin Hacks and All The Solutions A Bride Needs For Her Big Day!

Amidst all the wedding preparations, a bride is left with little time in hand to look after her skin. It can take weeks or even months for a new skincare regimen to work. The best advice? Be patient while the products are working. Very often, dermatologists have observed that acne gets worse before it gets better so just hang in there and the pay off will be absolutely worth it! 
So typically, we suggest you start your skincare routine well in advance so you can breathe easy and tend to your skin, paving your way into a healthy and beautiful you!
Here is a list of steps to follow if you have an ample amount of time in hand-
Duration- between a year to six months before your wedding

If you are suffering from the following, then this is the time to correct it all!
1.    Acne
2.    Uneven pigmentation
3.    Excess hair on the face
4.    Excess weight (Obesity)
5.    Excessive hair fall (Thinning of hair)



The underlying causes need to first be identified, checked and corrected. You will have to check your iron, thyroid, hormonal levels which will allow the doctor to help you look your glowing best for your big day. Upon identifying the problems, these can then be corrected with the right medication, helping us achieve the desired effects faster!
Multiple sessions will be required if the damage is more. Scarring and acne require more time depending on intensity. Hence, you will be required to meet the doctor at least once or twice a month. Skin routines are to be strictly followed as many people do not realise that they begin in the shower! 




Start with a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the accumulated impurities in your skin and within minutes of stepping out of the shower, apply a deep moisturizer to lock in all the moisture in before it evaporates.
For significant effects and unreal glow to reduce scarring of any kind, Dr Sindhura strongly recommends Q-switch lasers, vampire facials, micro-needling and fractionated CO2 and Erbium Glass Laser treatments.
Pay attention not only to your face but your body as well. Weight loss consists of 80% diet and 20% exercise. So consult with a Nutritionist and start a simple exercise routine or a basic yoga or brisk walk practice. This will build your stamina and strengthen your body for the stress in the coming months!

If you have stubborn fat, this too can be treated depending on the size- for Double chins, injection lipolysis can be done. For Love handles, cryolipolysis can be done.
Tanned skin can be treated with chemical peels and microdermabrasion and skin polishing. When dead cells accumulate, they interfere with light and reflections making your skin appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, when we pair regular exfoliation with brightening serum, significant radiance is observed! 
For more personal consultation and treatments, please contact- Dr Sindhura, AESTIQ Clinic at 044- 4865 3669.

Please note, we are not endorsing this clinic nor vouching for their quality. Since a lot of our brides suggested the doctor to help fellow brides-to-be, we decided to share the same with you!